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    AMP Futures will now be doing their own clearing rather than Dorman as noted below. Any thoughts on this?

    "Sept. 14, 2010 - We are proud to announce the launch of AMP Global Clearing, LLC NFA ID: 0412490 effective October 1, 2010. The company's global headquarters is located at 221 North LaSalle Street, 24th floor, Chicago, IL 60601.

    AMP Global Clearing, LLC is a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) providing access to the global electronic futures markets for Individual Traders, US & Foreign Introducing Brokerages, CTA's, 3rd Party & API Developers. Our goal is to combine high-end products and services at competitive prices; delivering the best possible trading experience for our customers.

    Attention to AMP Trading Clients:

    Dorman Trading, LLC mailed you a letter notifying AMP clients of transferring their futures accounts to AMP Global Clearing, LLC. We have worked closely with Dorman Trading and Zenfire to make this a smooth transition; all traders will use the same NinjaTrader username and passwords (no change required to the platform) - even the same account number. All the current account information will be transferred, such as email address, phone and physical address - there will be nothing needed from you.

    This conversion process will enable our company to improve our performance by adding new in house services such as:

    * Online Customer Statements and Equity Runs
    * Online Customer Portal for online account management
    * Global Exchange Connectivity
    * 24-hour In-House Technical Support and Order Desk
    * Expanding the available funding options (USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD)
    * Low Intraday Margins
    * Automatic Block Order Allocations
    * Automated Systems Trading
    * Experienced & Friendly Support Staff
    * Multilingual Technical Support (we speak more than 15 languages!)
    * Support via phone, email, Skype and remote desktop

    At AMP, you are the top priority. We pride ourselves on surpassing customer expectations by providing an unparalleled level of service, security, and advanced trading technology to accommodate a client needs. We are extremely excited to have you with AMP Global Clearing, LLC. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone at (312) 893-7700 or


    Dan Culp
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    openning a brand new clearing firm is high risk due to limited of capital in the clearing house. This mean that the risk is higher that the clearing may go bankrupt due to limited capital especially during these "great recession" time. it takes couple of whales to bring down the clearing firm.

    Back in 2007, Mann financial broker loses $141.5 million in unauthorized trading. if that happened to amp clearing firm, the odds are high, amp is finish.
  3. this firm is total sh*t and I hope it does go bankrupt. Give me back my money F*ckers!
  4. By the way, what happened to your broker rating?