Amp Futures Complaint

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    "destriero, post: 4884460, member: 485336"]No, before writing my statement. I concur. Your best option at this juncture is crypto-exchange fraud."

    @destriero Ahaha. I pity on your immaturity, old man. :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    lol I blocked the dude so he's furiously editing his garbage. It's magic, Bro!
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  3. Ive never had any issues with AMP. My account is setup as an LLC. I use CQG for the data feed and Multicharts is my trading interface. Never had any issues moving money in and our of the account. Never had any issues with trade execution either.
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    @Rickshaw Man Thanks for the good feedback.
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    Nope! I'm a private trader. Don't even have an AMP futures account.

    Throwing around judgements about everyone else shows how ill-prepared you are for trading.

    It's clear that you operated someone else's account without broker approval - which is a bad thing in leveraged markets. Losses in futures can be significant and a broker doesn't want to figure out "well, HE pushed the button not me, so I'm not responsible for a $400K loss".

    You both violated the terms and conditions, and admitted it, without understanding the consequences.

    Time to man up, take responsibility and move on.
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    If you speak English like you type it, no wonder you had trouble.

    I just wanted to mention....Now that AMP will no longer do business with you, and you have stated that you are from Singapore, will you maybe find a broker based in Asia who will better serve your needs?
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    @jharmon yeah, it’s time to really become a man.
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    @Overnight the first one yeah it’s really poor.

    The second one, i have mentioned the 3 brokers in the previous thread and we already chose one, and we have a direct contact with the personnel who handle our joint account and can be contacted easily though phone.
    Thanks for your honest comments/advised.
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    All brokers do this. Any time you even hint that someone else is trading your account, it's automatically a violation on banking laws and the account is subject to be closed. Happened to me as well, different broker.
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    @d08 thanks.
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