AMP Futures Changed There Client Portal

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  1. I'm hearing clients are having difficulty pulling there funds. Appears your once linked bank is no longer linked. Making it difficult to withdraw. What was that broker once NY Governor John Corzine was linked to?
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    If i recall John Corzine traded bonds with MF Global's money and lost big.

    I don't think AMP do any type of prop trading like that.

    Although AMP could blow up due to the high leverage they offer clients. The market action hasn't been that crazy (YET!), VIX was still in the 20s last week.
    But you never know..

    Lets ask @AMP_Global to comment..
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    Yes but it is not the news. They upgraded to two key authentication since Jan 1. The customer just has to verify the same information and links the same bank account.
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    Confirmed. AMP does not do any prop trading.

    Yes, we have upgraded our Client Portal to include 2FA and many other features...

    Including Plaid Integration for our US Customers to perform Full ACH deposit and withdrawal function within the AMP Client Portal. This was one of our highest requested features.

    There are no delays in funds processing, still, the same business day as approved...for deposits and withdrawals.

    As always, if you need any assistance, please contact our 24-hour help desk in real-time via Phone or Live CHAT:

    Happy Trading!
  5. What if your bank is not in the Plaid list of banks. What are your options to withdraw your funds?
  6. Ive learned over the past 20 years if brokers throw up obstacle's to withdraw your cash you best pay attention. REFCO, PFG Best...It can happen.
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  7. No snappy come back from AMP....just crickets.
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    NJ Governor Corzine.
  9. AMP rolls heavy leverage. They would be one of the first to blow up..indeed
    Maybe they are circling the wagons to prepare for nasty head winds down the line.
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    We did the opposite. We added more features to make everything easier for our clients, including depositing and withdrawing.

    It is really simple...

    We have also added Quick Help Videos to every page, so you can watch and learn exactly how to use each page.


    If you prefer one-on-one support, please contact our 24-hour help desk in real-time via Phone or Live CHAT:

    They will help you quickly.

    Happy Trading!
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