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    I just want to post my experience for the past 2 weeks with Amp Futures and the contact person Dan Culp. I am using their Global Amp platform on Demo.

    After signing for the demo account, they started sending me informative emails and Dan Culp was the broker listed on these emails, I am sure many of you probably heard of him. So, I decided to email him about confirming my commission structure which he stated he would uphold, pretty much the same rates as openecry. Well, after three emails to Dan and Amp Global, they have not responded to even one. Mind you, this is right before opening an account, I just wanted some confirmations from him. Obviously, I will not be opening an account now, since if a firm does not respond to simple issues at the start how can one even hope they will repond when a real customer care issues arises. In my opinion they are very unprofessional

    Can anyone recommend a futures broker, who has the OpenECry platform and Ninja Trader for free. Any recommendations will be appreciated.
  2. I have opened up an account with Amp last week but have yet to fund it. But I did get an email confiming what the commissions were, 3.34 r/t ym and 3.60 es/nq er2 r/t those are all in no other fees. So I will fund it a little and see if its true before i put more money in. I currently trade at TS now and manage family account at OEC. So I do like the platform.
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    What was the fee they quoted on CL
  4. Markets
    1-1000 Contracts
    1001-10K Contracts
    10K-20K Contracts**
    20K+ Contracts**

    E-Mini ES, NQ & ER2

    Mini Dow-YM




    AMP ZB, ZN

    eMetals "COMEX"-w/Zen add $1.00

    eMetals ZG, ZI "CBOT"

    eEnergies "NYMEX"-w/Zen add $1.00


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    riskit than you for the info, they pretty much sent me the same thing. I was trying to confirm those rates before opening an account and also see if they would waive the $1.00 Ninja/Zen Fee. If they have responded back I probably would've opened an account with them.

    riskit, I just email you too.
  6. I did reply to you….see the time stamps below…I am sending this from a different email server…please allow through your junk or spam blocker.

    Sorry for the email mis-delivery…you can see from below I thought I was getting you the requested info.



    From: AMP Trading []
    Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 11:39 AM
    To: 'Helping Our People L.L.C.'
    Subject: RE: Commission Confirmation.

    This is the cost for Zen-fire, so no way for me to waive it....AMP global does not have any extra technology fees so if you are looking to reduce your cost...this is the best option.

    Minimum account is $2'000 US

    Here is the link for the online application:



    From: Helping Our People L.L.C. []
    Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 11:12 AM
    Subject: Re: Commission Confirmation.
    Importance: High
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    Dan, I sent you my first email on May 11th and you replyed on May14th right after my post here on ET so I do not know what your tyring to say.
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    I talked with Dan couple times on the phone before and he seems to be very helpful. There may be some minor slipped up issues but overall Amp is very good with customer service, and very helpful. No association here but I think they are highly recommended.

  9. I've dealt w/ Amp and they're fine. No probs. Looks like the OP should look into his email settings so it accepts emails from Amp.

    If you don't like Amp, try Mirus. They offer NT w/ Zenfire.
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