AMP Futures - Asia's Most Liquid Futures Mini-Nikkei 225 - Osaka-Japan (JPX) Now Available!!

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    On your Contract Specifications page for Tick/$Value you show:
    Mini-Nikkei 225 MJNK Osaka - Japan (JPX) ¥100 X Index Value H,M,U,Z 1 / ¥5.

    However, the Nikkei Mini trades in increments of ¥5 and the value of each tick is¥500.
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    Hi AMP,

    Did you have any news regarding offering the Kospi200 futures?


    Yes, finally everyone has settled in after the MiFID II requirements have kicked in. We will begin adding more exchanges and trading tools for our international customers.

    One new tool, we now offer Government approved VPN for our Chinese customers. If you are interested in getting one setup for your AMP account, please email your account number and "Chinese VPN".

    We look forward to bring more and more trading opportunities and tools in 2018!!
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  4. Don't have a AMP account. So please fax me a check instead!!:D
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