AMP Futures - Asia's Most Liquid Futures Mini-Nikkei 225 - Osaka-Japan (JPX) Now Available!!

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    These are the exchanges currently available for live trading at AMP:
    • ICE-US
    • ICE-UK
    • Euronext
    • EUREX
    • Osaka - Japan (JPX)
    • Singapore (SGX)
    • Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE)
    You can see all available markets here:

    We are expecting to release even more market access next week. Stay tuned.
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  2. Does anyone know of a broker that offers cheaper access to Osaka than the $29 for AMP? I don't need tick data. Just basic real time quote and order placement would be fine. Thanks.
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  3. Yeah, the $29 that AMP charges is the Professional rate for OSE market data. IB charges the non-Pro rate of $4.
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    Slight correct - CQG Charges $29 per month. See attached CQG price list.

    AMP has sent a request to CQG to reduce their Osaka Exchange charges for AMP Customers, if they agree, we will pass this price reduction to our customers.
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  5. G_A


    Any chance for AMP to support HSI,MHI,HHI and MCH futures and options on HKFE?
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    Yes there is a very good chance we will support the HKFE Futures :)

    This and a few other exchanges are in last phase of implementation.

    We will announce once ready for live trading at AMP.
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  7. Thanks. Unfortunately IB has some quirky futures trading mins for my age group -- >$100K liquid NW but curiously no income requirement. That doesn't fit my situation. $4 would be great if I could get it!
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  8. algofy


    Have I heard correctly there is some odd way that exchange works that throws off cqg charting data?

    Does it only influence the very beginning of the session? I don't use volume in my trading decisions only price, would this difference in how trades are handled vs cme make a difference?

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  9. No, it's a problem on CQG's side due to the fact that they do not filter the data that they receive from the exchange, even though the exchange provides the data in a format that makes filtering quite simple. Actually, as I have found with other vendors, CQG may not even realize that the problem exists. That is because when the exchange upgraded their system, they changed how rollover data is flagged in the data feed. So if CQG did not adjust their program, they would not recognize the flagged data, resulting in the rollover data being shown on the charts and elsewhere mixed in with normal auction data. So the data on which you may base a trading decision is just plan wrong. No, it does not influence just the very beginning of the session. Rollovers are made throughout the day.

    You might want to request AMP to ask CQG to filter the data. When I pointed out the oversight to eSignal for example, it was fixed the next day. It's so simple to fix. All CQG needs to know is what the new flag symbol is for rollover data.

    If you can't get them to spend the few minutes to make the correction, you could change to IB. IB started filtering the data years ago from day one of the change.
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    Thank you for detailing. We have sent this request to CQG, with a Rush Status.
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