AMP Futures - Asia's Most Liquid Futures Mini-Nikkei 225 - Osaka-Japan (JPX) Now Available!!

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  1. Here's a schedule of the policy meetings that can move JGB and Nikkei futures as you mentioned.
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    I'm asking because this confused me: "Even though the total balance of your separately coded accounts is large enough to not receive a call, United States regulation requires that we actually move the money between Reg. codes to meet the call. When these funds are moved inside of your account between Reg. codes we may have to convert currencies in order to do so and there will be a charge associated for that service."
    (see Currency Conversions** 30$)
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    yes, this is NOT done daily. it is done if needed, for example > monthly settlement or to process your funds withdrawal.

    Per previous message, if you are going to trade only these JPY settled contracts, it would be best to have your funds in JPY in order to have no currency conversion.

    But, if you want to fund EUR and trade JPY, we will work with you to get as much as we can in JPY, to minimize any currency exposure/conversions for your account
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    Ok, I think I will wire in JPY. So per your previous post (all account charges in JPY), monthly data feed charges for OSE Non-professional with CQG would be 2300 JPY, according to
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    Question for AMP?

    What are the chances of getting access to the Kospi 200 futures in 2017 with some decent intraday margins?

    BTW, great move adding MT5 to the platforms available! I currently use NT but their lack of standard Forex trading rules through only one broker option (FXCM) is a deal killer for me. I am ramping up my Forex trading and with MT5 I can connect to a range of Forex brokers while trading Futures side through AMP. Great strategic move by AMP to add a platform that can be used by more experienced Forex traders. I am not a fan of the MT4 platform but I do like MT5!
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    Thank you for your Feedback. We completely agree, MT5 is a nice addition to our available trading platform line up:

    Interesting you asking for the Kospi, we have recently been in contact with a direct Kospi clearer discussing adding this market for AMP Customers.

    We will be working on "Trading the World" in 2017. We will be adding many global exchanges.

    We will keep ET updated with all new exchange releases!
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    That is good to hear. Thanks for the update and I like the direction AMP Futures is going at this time.
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    AMP is the worst, they are not getting the kospi they are just lying to get your business, trust me I know; AMP is 2nd rate
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