AMP Futures - Asia's Most Liquid Futures Mini-Nikkei 225 - Osaka-Japan (JPX) Now Available!!

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    Thanks got it but no data. Platform fees USD29? I will sign up for a demo to have a look.[/QUOTE]

    Unfortunately, CQG/Demo connections are also NOT enabled with ninja trader.

    For demo you can use you can use AMP's FREE MultiCharts, Sierra Chart, MarketDelta Cloud or CQGM and pull it up quickly. Sign up here:

    Quick set up video for MultiCharts:
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    This is for all trading platforms connected to AMP/CQG datafeed - NOW Added by Default to ALL AMP/CQG Demo Connections.

    Mini-Nikkei 225 - Osaka-Japan (JPX) - CQG Symbol: MJNK (For example - MJNKM16)

    Quick How to Video to add this contract in MarketDelta Cloud -

    Quick How To Video to add this contract in Sierra Chart -

    Quick How To Video to add this contract in CQGM -


    Free MultiCharts Demo:

    Free Sierra Chart Demo:

    Free MD Cloud Demo:

    Free CQGM Demo:

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our 24 hour help desk in real-time via Phone or Live CHAT:
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  3. >SPT

    Sorry, I said once a month without thinking. Here's a schedule.
    The meetings will be listed here also.

    The results of its policy meetings, next one is 4.27-4.28, are usually released between 11:30 and 12:30. Even with no change in policy there is enough temporary fluctuation to catch your stop. Best not to have a position if day trading.
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  4. >AMP Trading

    As you didn't reply to my above post, I guess you don't have the problem With CQG or my explanation was not clear.

    Attached are today's T&S for May and June(left one). As you can see between 13:01:30 and 13:01:32
    there were about 800 contracts rolled. And notice the prices in June of 17246 and 17241, even though the contract trades in 5 yen increments. So, these odd prices appear on the chart along with those 800 contracts. The total volume for 13:01 was 1147 contracts, of which 800 were rollovers. So as you can see, anyone using volume analysis would be looking at actual and rollover volume mixed together in the same volume bar, which would not allow for correct analysis.
    Today there were few rollovers, and the prices in this case did not vary much from auction prices. But when rollover time comes, it will be a much bigger problem.

    This data is from a local broker who uses data from Reuters. Last year when I brought this problem to Reuters attention they said they would fix it. Looks like they haven't as yet. Rollover data.JPG
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    Per CQG:

    CQG data contains both implied and outright trades on MJNK. We can identify the implied data but not filter it out.

    Only the DOM in CQGIC and QTrader allows the user to show either combined, Implied only or Outright only, but this will only apply to the DOM, not the trades.

    CQG QTrader is FREE for AMP Customers – Monthly Fee Waived (Normally $40/mo.)

    Free QTrader Demo:

    Happy Trading!
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  6. Strange! Rollover data, block trades etc. are flagged by the exchange in the data feed. IB and others filter the data so as not to appear on the charts. From what I understand it's very simple to do such.
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    Thank you for your insight. Now that AMP is offering this market/exchange...we will be working closely with CQG, TT and Rithmic to meet our customers request.
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  8. Mitch83


    Hi AMP_Trading,

    now that you offer the Mini Nikkei, could you please also add JGB Futures (full contract)? It is the most liquid bond future of the Asian session. I would love to open an account if I could trade JGBs.
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  9. I traded JGB futures for many years until Kuroda came along and screwed up the works. IMO it used to be the greatest trading contract in all respects in the world. But now volume is down 70%, rarely trends, just burps one or two times a day. You can still trade it through IB, but they raised the margin 600% and cut out intraday margin. Don't know how you're planning on trading it, but you might want to take a closer look.
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  10. FYI attached is the JGB 1m chart for today. Most days are like this, or worse
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