AMP Futures - Asia's Most Liquid Futures Mini-Nikkei 225 - Osaka-Japan (JPX) Now Available!!

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  2. It sounds as though you use CQG for your Nikkei data. A point you might want to check is if CQG is filtering rollover data from that of auction trades. When TSE and OSE changed their systems a few years ago many vendors failed to make adjustments, and even now rollover data is still mixed in with normal trades in Reuters and BB. IB and eSignal filter the data. The rollover data is flagged in the data feed. So it's easy to program. But unless it's filtered proper analysis can not be done, of course.
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    Mini-Nikkei 225 - Osaka-Japan (JPX) - NOW Added by Default to ALL AMP/CQG Demo Connections.

    CQG Symbol: MJNK (For example - MJNKM16)

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    Here is Quick How To Video to add Mini-Nikkei 225 in Sierra Chart - Watch>>

    Here is Quick How To Video to add Mini-Nikkei 225 in CQGM - Watch>>

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    So if I trade OSE Nikkei mini with my AMP account. Let's say I made 20000yen. Will I get 20000 yen in my separate Yen account? Vice versa if I lose, it gets deducted from my USD account?
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    Trading P/L, Clearing, Exchange Fees will be charged in YEN

    Any misc. platform or data fees will be charged in USD.

    We support multi-currency accounts, so you will see both USD and YEN on your statements when trading this market.
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    Is this contract NKY on Ninjatrader? Ive an account with AMP
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  7. MJNK
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  8. >SPT

    If Nikkei futures are new to you and if you are also interested in the index itself, this site may, or may not, be of use to you. Not really much there, but
    so little is available in English for those outside Japan who don't read Japanese.
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    Unfortunately, Ninjatrader has rejected our request to enable the historical as of right now there will be no historical charting with the CQG connection, but you can trade it via the DOM once connected to your AMP/CQG connection.

    Ninjatrader symbol (JNM)
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    Ninjatrader symbol (JNM)[/QUOTE]

    Thanks got it but no data. Platform fees USD29? I will sign up for a demo to have a look.
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