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  1. How has your customer service been with AMP? I have an account with them, and recently applied for a joint account. It has been 10 days, I have talked to 4 people on the phone, and chatted with 3; I still have not gotten one word about the approval of my joint account application. Heidi is in New Accounts department, she was on the chat line with me. She said it would be reviewed "tomorrow". 5 days later, I chat with her, and it will be reviewed "today".... still nothing.
    I have spoken with Victor there, he has been the only person I spoke to that sounds like he knows what he is doing. I look on Linked In, he has been there 11 years, so he should know.

    Very disappointing in the lack of help to open a joint account, when I'm already a customer.
  2. Does anyone have another brokerage they like that has the same small day margins as AMP??? Please let me know.
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    I'm back with IB because I needed more flexibility - but my time with AMP was excellent. Their trade desk was responsive, customer service got on the horn with me when I needed it, and platform and account issues were resolved quickly.

    I recommend AMP to anyone. If I only traded futures I would've stuck around. Great guys.

    IBs margins are significantly higher (~$800/contract for MES). You may want to try Optimus or another introducing broker.
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    It cannot hurt to tag them here in your thread @AMP_Global

    For how long have you been a customer with them?
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    Take responsibility for the "answer" you are being given...

    IOW... get Heidi or Victor or whoever on the phone or live chat right now, and find out what the hell is going on, what is the holdup, why it is taking so long. If they need until tomorrow to finalize since the night crew may not include new accounts approval personnel, fine. Then follow it up... tomorrow MORNING!!

    For futures, I recommend AMP to anyone!
    Never had a problem unsolved or dangling for more than a day.

    Low intraday trading margins are available through many brokerages. That is not even a point of difference. Time availability of intraday margining... that IS one point of difference. :)

    Good luck
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  7. 6 months
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    My joint account application took a little more time than expected, but AMP was professional and responsive during the process.
  9. I appreciate your directness about taking ownership. I have been at a level 6 with them. I can take it up to a 10. I’ll take that criticism.

    I actually have not been able to find other brokers with the same low day margins. This is with about of 4 hours of online research.
  10. Thanks Cafeole... what platform for futures do you like with them? I did Mt5 and the “synchronizing” settlement every night killed me. Total was about $2,500 after 2 months. I’m now considering Trading View or CQGM.
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