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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ranger64, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Do you guys at AMP have any plans to support the CTS platform in the near future?
  2. CALLumbus


    Hi ranger,

    there are a few excellent FCMs that offer you to trade with CTS:
    - Crossland (directly or via their IB, DDT)
    - Advantage Futures
    - RCG
    - Dorman

    If you trade some good volume per month (> 3.000 cars) I would go with Advantage, they are the most professional FCM for futures traders in my oppinion, and have excellent commissions if you push some volume.

    Another great option is Crossland. If you make some good volume, you can negotiate some nice rates with them. If you dont do that much volume (lets say <1000 cars per month) you maybe go through DDT, their IB. DDT offers 0.50 $ per car for all traders, no negotiating.

    RCG is also ok, very good reputation, but a bit expensive compared to the others.

    Dorman is also fine, but I would prefer Crossland or Advantage.

    Good choice with the CTS platform, in my oppinion the best for futures trading.