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    :( Not sure if anyone has ever had issues however, the times that I've needed to contact the technical support department of AMP Global none of the phone numbers seem to work. Mysteriously the phone rings and then is silent. I've tried phoning four of the numbers that are listed and I experience the same with all. This has come into play a few times when my connection has been lost. I wanted to know if any others have experienced this. I'm glad I've never been in a trade, because that would be maddening.
  2. here's what I use - US/CA - 1 800 560 1640 - never had a problem with the #

    I'm using NT with the CQG feed which had a connection problem early today
    the pop-up message provided the CQG 1 800 Support # - fixed when I phoned

    you can also check the NT forum / Connecting to see if there's any feed problem
    which might be NT rather than CQG or Z-F
    NT doesn't have phone service but it's email Support is quick
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    just sent an email to AMP support and got their reply a second latter, 2 replies actually. This is the first time I get a rely this fast but that does show they are improving customer service.