Amp, Advantage, Global, or Mirus Futures Trading?

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  1. I use rithmic trader ..
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  2. What broker provides Rithmic?

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  3. I use Mirus/ZF with NINJA and clearing thru RCG ...very happy so far.
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  4. Everyone who offers zen-fire connectivity. I use Mirus futures and am happy!

    If you use Mirus or AMP, you can just download rithmic trader from and then login, using the same details you use to login into Ninja Trader, and then trade! Of course it´s better to inform your broker first, just in case.

    Here is an overview of the platform:
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  5. What charting service do you use with that ? Ninja ?
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  6. I don´t use charts.
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  7. joe4422


    E signal has a good deal running for the the eminis, 45 bucks a month.
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  8. Unless the broker disables you from logging into both R Trader and NT at the same time, you should be able to use both.
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  9. DW trader

    DW trader

    Amp is the absolute worst company you could ever deal with.
    1: length of time to set up an account is ridiculous. I have been trying for 10 days.. the customer service levels is off the charts the worst! ! I asked how much longer to open my account.. here's a quote: " each account if different and all i can say is it should be before 2011."

    I haven't even given them any money yet.. can you imagine what it would be like after they have your cash?

    Also, i don't trust brokers who can't answer their phone after hours. No VM, Dorman who is the actual account holder doesn't have a answering service.... seems like this whole company is run out of a garage somewhere. I would compare this company with those involved with Nigerian Bank scams. If you value your cash, your relationship with your broker, and don't want to stress over wether or not your money is in a truly safe place..then Forget about AMP. There are a low class, trashy company that is in dire need of a Customer Service manager.
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  10. spd


    Wow, thats nuts.

    Just to contrast that experience... With Mirus clearing through Rosenthal Collins Group Im pretty sure I had my account set-up/approved/funded/tradeable within 3 or 4 business days tops, I cant remember exactly but I think it was 3 business days from start to finish, thats with wiring my funds. All in all, a headache free experience.
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