Amp, Advantage, Global, or Mirus Futures Trading?

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  1. I am switching from IB to one of these, I have done the search, but not really satisfied with the results.

    Can anybody who uses one of these currently give me the pros and cons on the one you utilize? Thanks

    Is there a no-brainer choice among these firms?
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    Big AAPL

    I use AMP. Decent commission structure, fast phone support, but limited product offerings, unless you are only interested in the major E Mini's. I use Ninja/Zen for $60- per month and am satisfied.
  3. why global strategy pro versus x-trader or ninja trader?
  4. is tradestation even an option, or are they an overbloated platform like ib?
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    amp is a loser. they cant help me setup their strategy runner a yr ago.
  6. my main complaint with ib, is there charts often don`t update at night in ah, and there are bugs with there booktrader, and chart trader when you set up your preset stop strategies, bracket orders, trailing stops etc, their presets are cumbersome and buggy, so much so that it isn`t worth the trouble anymore.

    so i need to find a great futures broker with great futures platform tools to mainly trade cl, but be able to put up eur/usd, and es charts as important indicator markets, and I need a reliable platform which always works without causing my headaches at 1:30 in the morning when no tech help is available, matter of fact, I should never have the need to talk to a tech person.
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    this is my opinion. if you want an unfiltered data feed, expect the dom to freeze during extreme volitility days. The advantage of unfiltered data is faster filled because the data speed is extreme fast. the disadvantage of unfiltered data is, it overload your cpu usage and crash your computer or freeze your dom.

    filtered data disadvantage is slower order filled. the advantage is it does not overload your cpu usage.

    besure to choose which data feed.
  8. ...Or go with an unfiltered feed with a decent computer and close the porn videos during high volatility.
  9. The speed of your data or filtered/unfiltered has nothing to do with your order fills. Unless you are running a high speed BOT the broker order process is independent of the data feed process. The exchange trade match and fill process is independent of the broker data feed process.
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