AMP Account Opening Eligibility

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  1. M.W.


    That is insane. I would stay clear of this broker because of this list alone.

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  2. Millionaire


    Why?, if they don't want the regulatory hassle and head aches, i don't blame them. I wouldn't want it either if i was running a small brokerage firm.

    I have been using AMP for two years now, i found them to be very good and Customer support very responsive to my emails. I never use the Chat feature, it looks like it might be a robot algo.
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  3. Robert Morse

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    M.W. The OFAC and FATF list comes from the US Treasury Department and is enforced by EVERY US regulated Broker Dealer. It is not unique to this Futures Broker.
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    Excluding half the world is good customer service? Why don't they write directly that they only accept people from Anglo Saxon countries, lol.

    No, my gripe with any entity that has anything to sell is that they are sneaky and lie and use excuses because they are too pussy to state upfront whom they want to do business with. Why do rejected applicants have to GUESS what the reason of the rejection was. Fear of lawsuits? Good grief....

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    Do you have a link to that official list and have compared the two lists are identical? Some countries on that list don't appear to warrant exclusion. Why Nigeria for example? Both the US and Canada immigrate tons of Nigerians every year but they are not good enough to be held as customers?

    Philippines? Seriously? Even Ukraine on that list. Lol. Good enough to pour hundreds of millions of US tax payer money in but not good enough to do business with. Awesome policies you got there.

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  6. wmwmw


    OP's issue has nothing to do with AMP customer service.

    It is his personal issue and if a broker refuses to do business with someone, there is no reason to blame the broker.
    Those who said they will stay clear with the broker should understand you have right to not to do business with the broker and the broker has the same right.
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  8. TheDawn


    So stick with the other broker that you have had 17 years of futures trading experience. WHy switch to AMP?
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    just curious, try out other brokers and see what they say. ninjatrader, tradestation, dorman, phillip, interactive brokers...the list goes on and on
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  10. Millionaire


    How many of them offer AMP levels of leverage (for day trading)? Low intra day margin requirements.

    IB was wanting something silly like $20,000 for day trading one ES lot a few years ago, this made IB unusable to me for day trading. So I left and opened an account at AMP.
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