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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have tried contacting amp’s support multiple times through email and online chat & I came to the conclusion that their customer support is absoloutley terrible…
    I’ve sent a total of 6 emails regarding an issue and literally got a single one line responce that did NOT HELP whatsoever.
    Even when I contact them through chat they always end the chat/leave the conversation as if I’m not there…
    This is my last interaction with them, the agent left the chat after my last message of course, this happened multiple times today.
    Did anyone have similar experiences with them?
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    At least they have a chat support service...... Many futures brokers even don't have this, only phone-call service. However I do agree their service quality has been downgraded a bit. Hey, they are popular broker now! :cool:
    By the way, if your application has been denied silently, that's provably because of your nationality. Some bad countries are denied. Are you Russian?
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    It wouldn't be based on nationality, but rather country you are located in. They aren't the same thing exactly, heh.

    Here's their current list.
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    OP profile says he is in California.

    Could be low income or low net worth that is the reason.
  5. California should be first on the list filled with junkies and illegals. (sadly I live there too)
    P.S. maybe they do check credit based on ss number...
  6. AMP_Global

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    Well...not having the full details, if an application was declined multiple times...something obviously did not pass the requirements to proceed.

    During the application process, if an application was declined, it will automatically show the reason. (either restricted country or too low financial assets, etc....)

    There is only a small % of applications that we are unable to accept. Please PM us and we will review your application(s) and let you know.
  7. that is a complete lie AMP_Global. I also have had an application denied and the reason given was simply "too risky" - WTF. I have never ever had the same entity rejected by another broker in my 17 years trading futures. A complete lie with the reason given. And like the original poster, I had the same nonsense as them.
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  8. If it's based on nationality.
    AMP refused me to open an account because my passport is from an African country (Senegal) while I have been living in France (for years).
    I have proof.
    They have no respect for people.

    They almost never respond to tickets.
    This is the worst broker to avoid.

    Fortunately, there is now a European broker that allows you to trade futures via MT5.
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    What does 'same entity' mean exactly?
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