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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tsing Tao, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Tsing Tao

    Interesting article comparing polling done for Carter/Reagan vs. now. I don't know how applicable it is to now, but my gut says there is something wrong with the polling we're getting now a days. I have no conclusive proof.

    This article is too long to paste here. Have a read, it sure is interesting.
  2. We will find out in about 50 days.:)
  3. I knew people in the carter campaign. They told me they knew a few days before the election from their internal polls they would lose, even though the media polls showed it as a tossup.

    I'm sure we're seeing the same thng here, exacerbated by the so-called Doug Wilder effect, ie the reluctance of whites to say to pollsters they oppose a minority candidate.
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    We'll say 'good bye and good riddance' to you in about 50 days.
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    good read.

    I just read an article saying some of the leftist polls had Kerry and Gore ahead on election day as well.

    I had not known the media had been this crooked this long. I thought it had just gotten worse the last decade. maybe those people Cronkite was a propagandist are correct.

  6. They should poll ET members. No such reluctance here.
  7. They call it s***. Did you have to do it here? You have been doing it for sometime now, so your gut have decided to make you realize it, but your brain did not get the message yet. Hope this helps.
  8. I agree.

    sometimes I get the impression that published polls are cue cards to journalists on what to write about next. Like a game of cat and mouse.

    Poll show Romney in tie with Obama. translate: accuse Romney of killing mans wife. Oops went to far......New poll shows Obama is an arrogant prick....translate: write favorable article about his appearance on the View (Imagine that after he said he wasn't going to be in NYC) and how women love him after Romeny "so help me god" killed the guys wife ad campaign.

    so on and so forth. polls suck but have their usefellness.