Ammonium Nitrate explosion in Beirut

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    crazy power, reports of some 50 dead so far:

    reports of some 2 million pounds of ammonium nitrate exploding at a confiscation depot along w/some fireworks.

    Lebanese here. Last report: the explosion in the port of beirut. There was a lot of nitrate ammunium and chemicals in one of the biggest buildings of the port. The chemicals were there for years found in an abandoned ship in the sea next to the port. 6months ago the government checked it again, experts said they should get rid of it as soon as possible, they reported that many people will die and beirut city will be destroyed if not taken care of. The government didn't listen, this is the result.

    Edit : the air is poisonous, people are asked to stay home and close windows and wash themselves if they were outside. Problem is most of the windows in building are destroyed. You need to know that the port is located at the exact opposit of the airport, which is around 15min drive. And the airport got damaged. So everything in between got hit in some way

    Latest update : 7km diameter of direct damage. Buildings windows in that zone shattered in an instant. Hospitals full and no electricity, doctors are doing operations in the streets, people are fighting for survival. Port completely destroyed.


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    What horrific scene. very devastating.

    It looked like scene from Hiroshima & Nagasaki during WW2.
    US dropped atomic bomb in Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945.
    and this ammonium nitrate bomb occurred on 5 Aug 2020 ie about 75 years later.

    WW3 might be even more scary.
  3. This is horrific. It looked like a nuke. Or that horrible explosion in Tianjin a few years ago.
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    so now we know the Earth might break into billion pieces due to
    human creation and not natural disaster.

    Most likely during ancient time, humans were very smart (and evil) and were able to build Pyramid without heavy machinery.
    And humans become more evil after that.

    With all the powerful computers and technology, humans still can't figure out
    how Pyramid was build.
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    doing it wrong:
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    Yeah, an ANFO explosion, as expected. We've seen them on Mythbusters over the years. Does nobody watch TeeVee?
  7. When I first watched one of those short videos on YouTube, I didn't know there was going to be a second explosion. I was more than startled when that second one happened. This is really not a cool thing to have happen to these people. Devastating to say the least.
  8. I cannot stop thinking about all those people in the area of the blast. Just going about their business in one moment, snuffed out or horrifically injured in the next. Most probably didn't even realize what was happening. Rest in peace.
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    I wonder what those mini explosions were just before the main explosion ? It looked liked fireworks going off.
    But yeah that was hectic. I feel so sorry for those people.
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    Word is this was a confiscation depot and fireworks were stored in proximity to the ANFO
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