Ammo Drought

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  1. You fellow gun nuts out there still experiencing it? I cry every time I shoot old stuff I paid 20 cents a round for. Hardly any dumdums in popular defense calibres to be had anywhere of good ole US manufacture. So from time to time I have been buying foreign shit.
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    Ammo is back in stock everywhere around here and prices are on there way down. Where do you live, what ammo are you buying and where?
  3. Norte Tejas. I rarely buy in stores. Mostly on line from LuckyGunner, Natchez, CheapAsDirt and Wrigley. There and elsewhere domestic 357 magnum hollowpoint is not to be had, as well as 223 Remington HP. 9MM and 380 auto HP only available in the furrin stuff. Where be you? Didn't I just call you an asshole elsewhere? Or was that you calling me out? Shoot straight!
  4. Is there perhaps an anatomical correlation with firearms as there appears to be with, say, flashy automobiles?
  5. No shit? You skeet shoot? I just have shotguns in case the have-nots or want-mores come crashing through the door. Keep a Mossberg Mariner under the bed and an old Winchester 1300 by the trading computer. With shots shell slings on both in case they came with backup. Gotta love double-ought buck! But I would think that a filthy rich SCT trader such as yourself could afford to buy new. The wife asked "Whut yew be needin' all dat ammer fo? Spectin' tha Comancheese ta be crossin tha Red River any times soon?" "Naw, womin," say I, "iss a 'vestment. Lak tha gold. Anna vodker. Keeps frever. An' in harud tahms ya be gittin' whatever ya wonts wid wun or t'other."
  6. Gabby, there is. The bigger gun you be packing, the smaller the pistol you be happy carrying.
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    Where the hell is that? I'm in CT and yea, you might have hinted at it. :p

    Check out, they run some good specials. In the middle of the stupidity I was able to pick up a few thousand 7.62x39 from them for $0.20/round when everyone else was charging $0.50+.

    CheapAsDirt is anything but. I remember they were selling wolf black box x39 for $2/round last year. Natchez is hit or miss, and I've never heard of the other two.

    Are you in the US? Honestly, Walmart is where it's at for all pistol ammo (if the Walmarts in your area carry it).
  8. We used to have a place locally (within a mile of the house) where I first learn to shoot skeet. I used to travel around to the various competitions some time ago (Grand American, etc.), but that was before I ventured down the trading path. My father still competes - taking second place in the Grand American (when it was in Dayton, Ohio) one year.

    I agree the unmistakable sound of chambering a shell does wonders to thwart the have-nots or want-mores from continuing to gain entrance to a dwelling.

    With respect to continuing to 'roll my own' shells, I'm quite certain you understand the logic.

    Cost of a brand new case of shells: more than affordable.

    Time spent in the basement loading shells (and away from all other parties in the household): priceless.


    - Spydertrader
  9. Thanks, AyeYo. That's North Texas to outlanders. Have heard Wally Mart is a good place, but not hereabouts. Re online purchases, sometimes "good price" means "they got it." Up by you ProAmmo is good. And just today got some from AmmoToGo, also in Texas like CheaperThanDirt. Tell me what you really think about gold. Do you own any or ever trade it?
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