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  1. Anyone familiar with this outfit?

    I was wondering what the difference between it and Medved was, other than 23 bucks a month.
  2. This charting software is a very nice one in my opinion. You get first hand tech support from the developer.
  3. Atin


    Well, since I wrote the program I'm biased, but I think my charts are better that QuoteTracker's. And of course, no ads. But QuoteTracker is a very nice program so if it serves your purposes, you don't need AMiGO. I developed it because I didn't like any of the other programs out there and it is mostly meant for futures traders rather than stock traders (no Level II display yet for example since I never needed it). AMiGO works with eSignal and IB data and has pretty good management of backfill data so you can manage your own continuous contracts, editing of history.

    AMiGO also comes with an order interface and simulator for IB that does things like auto-bracket orders for target/stop placement on entry. Some of my users find that very useful when practising trading.

    You can write to me directly if you have more questions and you can peruse to see some of the features available.