AmiBroker w/IQFeed RT... comments plz

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  1. Im just thinking out load with this as Im gathering my tax paperwork...

    Spent well over a grand on charting/feeds last year. Thinking of alternatives. Current setup as of Q406 is Ensign/IQFeed. Best thing I ever did was dump ESignal!

    Please do not suggest Sierra to me. I use Sierra/Opentick for backup purposes... Sierra needs more upgrades before it will do all I need/want.

    I've demoed AmiBroker. Its just OK, but it seems to do what I need... Any comments on AmiBroker/IQFeed RT combo for daily intraday trading appreciated.

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    I use AB/IQ and they work fine together. It depends on what you want to do with AmiBroker. If you can dream it up, AmiBroker can do it, but writing the code takes a lot of time to learn. For the price, you can't beat AmiBroker. I thought Ensign was good too, but AmiBroker is a much better value. I didn't see anything in Ensign that was worth paying every month to have.

    You might also like to check out Worden Telechart, which looks great, but only if you don't need to do backtesting with intraday data. They seem to be a class act and when their program can handle intraday backtesting I'm going to take another look at them. Their snap sheets look really promising for people that like trading more than programming.
  3. what phone support?

    what time/region/country code is that (phantom) phone support located?

    is it only email support? (AmiBroker)

    how good the data feed on the IQ Feed service?

    how reliable?

    how much/large a position will you put on, and wonder whether a Bloomber station/terminal or some other more robust (read: expensive) platform had/has a 1/2 second lead over your position, whether doing a short, long, legged position or hedge of an existing position?

    serious Q's for serious traders, others will think these questions don't make sense?
  4. IQ Feed's service is excellent. Their data history is shorter than others (Esignal and Tradestation.

    What about TradersStudio / Multicharts - great charting, EasyLanguage support?
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    Thanks for the comment about our service. In case you missed our announcement today, we increased the intraday (minute) data available on IQFeed from 120 Calendar days to over 8 months. On the Emini contracts (@ES#, @NQ#, @YM#, etc), we have as much as 1.5 years of minute data now available.

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    I'd like to know how to access that because when I look up ES, ER, NQ and YM, for example, I can only get one minute data going back to 10/16/06.
  7. I have used AMIbroker for about 5-6 years now. I have done some pretty oddball system design trials and have never been been stopped because of lack of capability. I have been stuck plenty of times, but email support always gets me going.

    I did have IQ Feed for a while to get at intraday historical data. I had to punt that system when I found out that IQ's historical data was not split adjusted. That played heck with my algorithm.

    Back to using

    IQ has a far better staff. At least they return email. Esig looks to be carrying on Lycos' non-responsiveness...maybe they are a little better. They sure couldn't be any worse.

    I also use AMI driven real time off of Interactive Brokers' TWS. Symbology is a tad complicated, but once you get their is a piece of cake.
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    How many days daily data are you getting from IB in amibroker? I am trying it out but can only get three daily bars so far.
  9. 1-year daily, 30-days intraday.
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    I've been using AB for over 2 years now. It's a good application and as other users said you can do almost anything you want but it takes a "lot" of programming time (and I have a background in programming)... problem is that you waste a lot of time programming and not enough "trading" :) ... AB is still not a "day trading" tool, the Time and Sales window is very rudimentary and for some reason the charts take more space than other applications like Tradestation, Ensign and QT...

    Now, regarding using AB with IQFeed, it works fine but what I didn't like is that you can't have 'ticks' charts, also your EOD charts are produced based on 'minute' data, not on EOD bars... that's how Amibroker works... I'm not really sure why it doesn't load EOD bars... there's an option to have mixed intraday/EOD data but it only works with eSignal... Tomasz suggest that you should have two databases, one for EOD data and another for intraday... I find that quite painfull...

    Other things: if you trade the eMinis for example and you want to plot a Pivot you have to watch for intraday settings, otherwise pivots will be miscalculated... this is something 'out-of'the-box' in other applications such as TS, Ensign and QT...

    In summary, I think AB is the best backtesting tool there is, great for swing traders but not too friendly when comes to scalping or short-term trading...

    that's just my opinion.... don't take my word for it..
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