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  1. Hi y'all.

    I have been programming amibroker for 3 years doing mid-level stuff -writing custom instruments, custom indicators, portfolio level backtesting,etc and I was wondering if there are advantages in moving to Ninjatrader. I want to start backtesting futures spreads hopefully leading to automated trading in the futures /fx space. Is the learning curve steep from Amibroker to Ninjatrader? Can Amibroker do most of the NT stuff short of automated trading?I know Amibroker recently created auto trading stuff for IB so I am wondering if switching will be worth it or should I just wait for AB to put out more auto stuff.


  2. No, there is no advantage as NT can't do portfolio backtesting and can't do portfolio trading. Ask them and they will confirm.

    Recently? It has been there for years (including portfolio trading)! You clearly have not used AB for 3 years, it seems.
  3. IB auto trading module released June 2013 not portfolio testing wihch Ive been doing since 2010. Just to clarify George.
  4. You are wrong again. Are you a clone of that ignorant j2ee guy? Auto trading modul has been available for around 9 years!

    What you are talking about are the source codes that have been made available to members of AB since June 2013. Do you know what's a source code and what's the difference to a compiled application (again and just for you: been available for many years)?

    If you don't wanna believe me if I tell you that auto trading has been available for 8 to 9 years then ask support of AB because I don't wanna argue with you since you don't wanna listen and don't wanna believe something being told you by more experienced AB users. :mad:
  5. First off, I dont know why ur so hostile. I can discern from your hostility that u have some skin in the game with AB vs. NT.

    I have AB and like it very much and am not good enough to know the diff between compile and the other stuff ur ranting about. Given a choice between spending $139 for an upgrade with a language I know and like vs. spending $1200 with NT with its concomitant learning curve. ...pretty straighforward choice. Hope ur right and that I can just upgrade-save me lots of time and $. Thanks.

    clone of j2___ who is that?
  6. I'm not hostile. I told you one time that you are wrong. But then you replied with disbelieve to what has been corrected. So that is kind of rude. I hate to repeat myself to clueless know-it-alls over and over again. Now you even mention that you don't even know the difference between source code and compiled code but the first post mentions "I have been programming ...". Seriously that's kind of funny again.

    Do you want me to repeat everything again? Do you think I waste my time to make fun posts or what? If you wanna argue about what is true or not then argue with AB or NT support. I don't care what you use. Use whatever you want.
  7. got this by googling afl autotrade

    Thanks george!!! my bad.


    Auto trade
    Buttons to send orders to IB paper account and send trade log to text file
    Buy, Sell, Short, Cover, Reversal, CloseAll
    Control Market Open and Market Close to place orders and Week End

    // AT StepByStep

    // Buttons to send orders to IB paper account and send trade log to text file
    // Mainly adapted from "Barry's buttton trading" formula
    // Compilation from Barry Scarborough's, Ed Pottasch's, TJ's, Al Venosa's
    // Intraday Future Trading
    // Adaptation by Reinsley
    // the end's comments must be written and saved in
  8. I don't think so. I think that Amibroker is much better for a trader that relies heavily on programming.

    I don't think that NinjaTrader is a bad product, it can certainly be useful for many traders, but I would never consider using it for serious programming.
  9. I've never tried Amibroker but I've heard NT is better. Its good if you can get past all the technical bugs, eccentricities, and challenges. I am a programmer and have been using it for the past 8 months or so. I would give it a thumbs up, overall.
  10. Question:
    Since for example the OP is mainly looking for the capability of portfolio level how can NT be better or let's say equal if it doesn't even offer portfolio backtesting and no portfolio trading?

    Also I have heard many times that NT's backtest results using same symbol, same data, same settings differ after multiple runs. Painfully slow etc. How can someone work with that?
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