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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by futures4me, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. Hello Fellow traders!

    Need some input here please...

    I am considering purchasing AmiBroker for backtesting, real-time alerts (w/e-signal), etc.


    What are (if any) the limitations of this software compared with others such as Wealth-Lab? Are there any? Can AmiBroker backtest test multiple variables? Futures too??

    W-L is a bit expensive but will AmiBroker do the job or is it too limited?

    Appreciate any and all comments/opinions.

    Thank You!:)
  2. Why don't you just download a free trial of both products and see for yourself ?

  3. You seem confident in your system ans its capabilites. I will try both, thank you, but i was just confused after reading a previous thread between you, W-L develper and a few others. I am not a programer but I am willing to learn basic methods but I dont want to put time in on something that may not be powerful enuf in future for my needs.

    I was just confused by that discussion so I wanted more advice. You know somw said AB was not powerful enuf and some said it was. thanks.:confused:
  4. People often say/write something without really knowing what they are talking about. This especially happens on message boards / newsgroups. You should be sceptical reading all those messages and always verify any information provided on the forum.

    I am always saying: "try for yourself". After all this is what free trials are for.
  5. You can use the free website as long as you wish. It has all the backtesting capabilities that most software have plus the portfolio backtesting. You can also use over 500 systems that are published on the website. I am not a programmer and I develop most of my systems with copy/paste.


    Volker Knapp
  6. Wow i did not know that ..thanks. I did try to load trial on my computer but I got an error message don't know why:confused: ..AB loaded OK so i am trying it. Thank you again.
  7. networm


  8. We have not provided the historical data for the emini yet. But you can use the index itself. Maybe we should provide some historical emini data on the web? Some people use QQQ or SPX for there testing. You can test on one stock/symbol or on a whole portfolio.