Amibroker Tutoring Anyone?

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  1. I would like to pay someone to consult with me over the phone (or Skype) and help me to better understand Amibroker. If you are interested, please read on, see if you are qualified, email me and quote me the rate you would charge me. I am located on Long Island in New York (Suffolk County).

    I have already spent many many hours/days/weeks pouring through hundreds of pages of manuals, guides, faq,s, user group posts, library listings and knowledge base entries, to obtain some basic information in order to “just get going” with Amibroker. I have learned quite a bit but not enough to apply it in the way I need to. And while AB’s email-based user support has been very accommodating, the idea of volleying emails back and forth to each other for the next several weeks or months is ridiculous, especially with a program as complex as this.

    Here are some of the things I need help on. Please note that I found most of these in the tutorials and user’s guide but was unsuccessful in being able to implement the instructions for my specific needs (which I think are pretty basic – I trade equities – nothing fancy). I have used Metastock for a few years.

    Data and Symbols (for eSignal Real-Time)

    1. Getting all of the symbols from the NYSE, Amex, and Nasdaq into the symbol trees, without having to type them into Symbol>New, one-by-one, using eSignal data (I do not have Amiquote).
    2. Creating a local database in which I can download data, and run explorations on that data when I am not connected to the internet (i.e., using a laptop on the train).
    3. I would like to be able to access all of the fundamental data (EPS, P/E, and other valuation data) on any stock symbol in Symbol>Information. I receive only parts of it now and the data I am receiving is limited.
    4. I’d like to be able to set up some basic scans for all of the stocks on the NYSE, Amex, and Nasdaq, and create a list (that I can scan again) of securities that have closed over (or under) a certain price / volume.
    5. I’d like to run some basic explorations, scans and backtests on both EOD and RT data.

    I feel comfortable with creating chart sheets, preferences, layers, windows, and layouts. I am also comfortable with using indicators, setting parameters, writing basic formulas and using/learning AFL. It is the data and symbol side of AB that I cannot seem to understand, regardless of how many times I review the written material.

    Please contact me if you think you can help.

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    You probably know this already, but there is that guy in Australia who does AFL programming. He is linked on the Amibroker site:

    I imagine that he would talk on the phone if you pay his hourly rate.

    Good luck ...
  3. yrbium,

    Thanks for the info. I contact him.