AMIBROKER symbology for nasdaq?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by jtnet, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. jtnet


    i can get symbols to load for NYSE
    which is like FCX-NYSE-STK
    how do i do AAPL?!?
    please help, using AMIBROKER, novice at programming, anything else i should try or is this best at the moment for an AUTO trade system thru IB?
  2. For someone to respond, they may need to know which datafeed you are using?
  3. jtnet


    First time using AMIBROKER, trying to get it set up, having trouble adding NASDAQ Stuff, gett error"no security definition has been found for the request"
    ami 4.8.1
    and ib.dll 1.6.8
    ib controller 1.1.1 , API IB 9.0 BETA
    TWS 864.7

    Can load in data for NYSE stocks with symbology FCX-NYSE-STK, trying to load AAPL, tried "AAPL" "aapl-nas-stk" "AAPL-NASDAQ-STK"
    still getting error, did i miss somthing, ????? help
  4. Did you post your question to the Amibroker Yahoo groups?

    You have a good chance of getting an answer there.
  5. jtnet


    tried that
  6. ask marcin or thomasz
  7. Spunky


    You must first click on "Symbol" and then "New" and add new symbols before you can chart any new symbols.
  8. jtnet


    it wont let me... only let me do NYSE's with the above posted sybology, nasdaqs its not working for some reason..
  9. jtnet


    i figured it out, you can delete this thread, AMIBROKER's latest IB.dll doesnt work. i had to downgrade.
  10. Retief


    <b>Latest version (1.6.8) works perfectly. I am using it everyday as well as thousands of other users. If something does not work then there are zillions of postings on our YahooGroup (6000+ members there)</b>

    I was having the same problem with futures as the original poster. Specifically, I kept getting an incorrect symbology error with ESZ6. Downgrading back to version 1.6.6 of the IB RT dll cleared up the problem. I'm glad the OP posted the problem and solution here.
    #10     Nov 27, 2006