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  1. Hello,

    I have read this post on EliteTrader, and have a question re Amibroker and Quotetracker.

    My question may be too simple, but does it matter in terms of service whether I get the feed subscription through QT (which QT recommends) or through Amibroker (which AB still does not recommend)?

    Price-wise, it seems the difference is:

    QTracker AmiBroker
    Equities: 20 50
    Futures: 20 0
    Options: 10 20
    Level II: 20 20
    ---- ----
    $70 $90

    If I get the sub through AB, can QT be used? What about Vice-versa? (I know AB can retrieve data using QT's internal server, but QT's help says that the stream is not the same as direct!)

    Any other thoughts/advice?

    -thanks, lt

    07-17-03 10:10 AM

    There is a lot to address here, so I appologize for the length of this post:

    DTN.IQ/IQFeed is compatible with the following major apps - Ensign, QuoteTracker, Tradestation (via Dynastore), Metastock (via Metaserver), AmiBroker, Pro Trading Systems, SignalA.

    IQFeed has different pricing for different 3rd party apps. The pricing is derived from a couple factors. 1) The number of customers the software brings (more customers = lower price), and 2) the data the software supports. IQFeed for Ensign is more expensive because they support our full set of 120 days of minute data, option chains, etc. QuoteTracker only support 5 days of backfill, so it is less bandwidth/cost for us to provide service.

    We have identified an issue in IQFeed which is allowing users to feed 3rd party products their subscription isn't intended to feed. It will be fixed on our server and users may lose access to that product if they don't have the proper subscription level. We set our pricing so non-power-users will hopefully be able to get a better price. If someone buys an IQFeed for Ensign subscription, they will be able to use all 3rd party software with IQFeed subscriptions that retail at lower prices. Also, a DTN.IQ subscription ( will allow you to use our DTN.IQ software, as well as ALL 3rd party apps. An annual DTN.IQ subscription is currently a better price than monthly IQFeed for most products ($44.50/mo and includes futures, futures options and equity options).

    The 1/2 second lag people have seen on Eminis has been found in our server, and a release is due in a few weeks to correct this. We anticipate removing nearly 1 second from the emini feed. (this isn't an issue for our equity feeds).

    As for our DTN.IQ software, we have been focusing our development efforts on our server technologies mostly. Hense the positive comments regarding our feed. We have multiple server farms and have not had any outages in over a year. Our client software developers have been working on porting our DTN.IQ client to our satellite datafeed. We continue to be the only company with an unfiltered, full broadcast retail datafeed via satellite with the ability to transmit over 1.5 MB/s sustained. We have been providing tick by tick, RT premiums for more than a year (MD-PREM, RD-PREM, SP-PREM, etc). We have had regional quotes on listed stocks and options for years. We have 120 days of minute data on all option contracts. For the past 2 years all of our customers have automatically received delayed data for any data they don't pay exchange fees for. We have one of the most customizable watch list applications, one of the best Option/Futures/Futures Spreads Chain apps, and a large catalog of news feeds (with Text to Speach reading of headlines).

    Once we have completed the DTN.IQ for satellite software, we will be implementing new charting features and GUI enhancements. We have no intention to compete at an Esignal/AdvancedGET level for charts. We prefer to spend our efforts on providing a quality data feed at a low price. We will let Ensign and other 3rd parties provide our customers with the high end charting some people need. People looking for a fast, reliable, low cost quote feed with a dozen or so analytic studies and a 1/2 dozen trendlines/fib lines will be more than happy with our DTN.IQ client.

    As for customer support, our average response time for email is 15 minutes. If you didn't receive a response, we either didn't receive it, the return address was wrong, or a support rep made a mistake and misdirected the response. We also provide RT Chat on our website as well as phone support. Supporting our customers is, and always has been top priority.

    I look forward to learning more about what our current and potential customers want to see.

    Jay Froscheiser
    DTN Market Access, LLC.
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    iqfeed DTN

    If you are going to use multiple 3rd party apps, you need a full IQFeed subscription (either directly at or from the link on AmiBrokers page). If you buy the discounted QT IQFeed subscription, you will only be able to use QuoteTracker.