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  1. I figure I can get answers here faster than anywhere else. I downloaded the free trial awhile back but found that I could not hook it up to IB data. I think I have to get the pro version to do this but then what is the point of the free trial if you cant try it? What I am looking for is software that will let me set up an automated entry interface with IB based on indicators crossing lines, ma crossovers, etc. that a reasonably intelligent person without programming experience can set up. Can one of you amibroker users let me know if this is doable.
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    Did you download the IB plugin and follow the instructions?
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    Its been awhile since I tried it so I dont remember all the details but I do remember I got the impression you could not use the free trial with realtime data from IB. Are you saying that you can? If so I will go back and try again. tia
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    The trial version only works on daily charts.
    Only the purchased pro version has intraday charts.

    Amibroker is a good product at a great price for testing on daily charts.
    It took me a while to read through all the manuals and learn the features and language.

    There is 1 main thing that bothers me though. Having to keep 2 separate databases for Daily and Intraday Charts. WTF, they tell you to open two copies, one for Daily Charts and one for Intraday Charts. If I could've trialed the pro version and seen how this was implemented, I wouldn't have wasted my money. I just consider a small bad trade.

    Amibroker with IB intraday data has tons of bad ticks and data. I actually think IB's intraday charts look better than Amibroker's charts.

    If you are testing on a daily chart, especially if you're testing eod strategies, Amibroker is a great platform. If you want to trade/test Intraday with Amibroker, forget about it.
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  6. How do you debug afl in Amibroker?

    It's not clear at all from the docs.
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    Type up your AFL in the Formula Editor

    Press the "Check Syntax" button at top.

    It will tell you the line number and error message if there is any errors in your code.

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    Tomasz,is that true only with ESignal??I know when i used DTN IQ feed,my daily data was limited to the beginning date of my intra day data..Is that fixed?
  9. Bearbelly , I use AB RT Pro and love it . I use esignal data. There is nothing better far as I'm concerned and I don't work for AB just my opinion .
  10. I'll second that, AB is a great tool, especially for backtesting, not so easy to master but a great tool.

    >. If you want to trade/test Intraday with > Amibroker, forget about it.

    That's wrong in my experience, plenty of people are using it for intraday, just look at the AB mailing lists (automated trading + the main mailing list),

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