AmiBroker or Ninjatrader to Replace StrategyDesk ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mechinvestor, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. I'm currently using Strategydesk to do EOD backtesting, realtime scanning, and real time charting. I use IB for my broker. Since StrategyDesk will not be support much longer, I'm thinking of switching to AmiBroker or Ninjatrader. Anyone using Amibroker or Ninjatrader want to recommend it for what I need ? Thanks in advance for your input.

  2. I've been using Ninjatrader for the past few months. Its powerful, but it has its share of bugs and odd behavior. The forums are a nice place to find answers you need. I give it a fair to good rating overall.
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    So how does Amibroker do with automated trading compared to strategydesk and formula entry. I have used strategydesk solely.
    I would prefer to stay with Ameritrade but this has me baffled.

    is there any other options with Ameritrade or are they just done.
    think or swim is not even… Im done, i just dont know what to say.
  4. tradelink is good with ib
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    When you make your final choice make sure you know first whether the platform sends informaiton of the saved systems to its host.
  6. very good question
    tickQuest and traderstudio, how do they compare?can they be trusted ?

    I appreciate a reply,