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  1. Is there anyone knows whether it is possible to view 1s, 5s and 15s charts in Amibroker 5.0 professional version using opentick plugin? If so, could you send me a screenshot of Amiborker 5second charts of ES U7 and ZS X7 using opentick feed with at least three day data loaded in each chart? I need to make sure Amibroker works with opentick and is able to retrieve enough bars from opentick before I order Amibroker 5.0 professional. Any help is greatly appeciated.

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    ami can import csv
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    I tried it a couple of months ago and it didn't work very well. Maybe Open Tick fixed the AmiBroker plug-in since then, but I gave up on it.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. If the opentick plug-in does not work well, is there a simple program to download data from OpenTick and save it to txt files, so that I can port them into Amibroker manually? I just want to use Amibroker to do some backtesting, so realtime data plug-in is not a must.

  5. If you only used EOD u.s data, amibroker has a free connection to yahoo going back to 1980
  6. I need intraday 1s, 10s and 1minute data.


    Historical CSV:
    A simple console application that allows you to request historical tick or OHLC data and save it into CSV format file supported by Microsoft Excel and a lot of popular programs