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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Nana Trader, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. I am looking for user's guide that discusses the grammar
    and syntax of AFL language in step by step?

    I searched Amibroker site all over and couldn't find anything,
    All you can find is this

    I think i am ready to give negative rating in review to Amibroker
    if i don't find it
  2. Bad start, there is the Yahoo AB group that can give you much more information and directions than you can get here.

    However, I agree that ET is a great place for venting one's frustration and slap someone with a bad review, so feel free to use it, but wisely...:p
  3. Yahoo AB group? why go there, this is something that
    should be available in Amibroker site.

    The reason i am posting this, is because most recent
    positive review in ET about AB about AFL being power-
    full language and AB seems to have attracted lot of users,
    but to me it's less than EL, WL scripts. I like to compare them.
  4. You want to solve your problem or you want to bitch? :D

    I have not used AB for years, but whenever I needed help I went there and as a rule got what I wanted. Anybody who uses AB knows that this is THE place to go. Here you may eventually attract attention of someone knowledgeable enough to help you, but most likely they will tell what I just told you.

    Well, it's up to you...
  5. Yeah, AFL is more powerful and faster than most other languages, but its learning curve is much steeper too, so you may not like this aspect of it.
  6. Nana Trader,

    Have you downloaded the User's Guide?

    Online version at:
    be sure to look at the AFL part:
    and the tutorial:

    Might try the boards at:

    The above mentioned Yahoo boards:

    An internet archive of the mailing list:

    Think you'll find that the information is there, just not as "in your face" as with WL or TS. Maybe a bit steep on the learning curve, but the price is nice, and the software is powerful...
  7. Thanks, above link is what i was looking for.
  8. I haven't found any other software that does what I want to do with testing baskets/porfilios of stocks. Amibroker is wonderful for this.

    Used to use TehcnifilterPlus, but it is no longer being supported and, though it had some advantages, overall Amibroker is better.

    And the price is great.

  9. I think you need to search more
  10. koistya


    Here is a demonstration project which shows how you can create plug-ins for AmiBroker with fully managed code like C# and Microsoft .NET Framework.

    No COM proxies, no any single line of C++ just pure C#.
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