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    Anyone knows whether or not it is possible to chart index implied volatility getting data from IB??
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    I meant chart index implied volatility on Amibroker software with IB datas.
  3. Should be - I don't have a intraday data feed myself, but you can code anything if there is data for it in AMI.

    EOD data has a value for example

    ticker, O, H, L, C, vol, Open Interest, etc...

    your intraday data will have a value perhaps,

    if it doesn't you can infer the volatility yourself via a formula...

    i.e parkinson volatility of the past 252 trading sessions, etc..

    I find using for loops to calculate volatility formulas is intensive, perhaps there is a better way.

    if IB provides a ready made data stream with volatility, you could just plot the datavalue on the screen yourself without much problem
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    Thanks Psytrade,
    For historical volatility it is, as you said, possible to code it but what I wonder is whether it is possible to get index implied volatility the same way it is charted on the IB chart.
    Anyone using AB and IB for options trading?
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