Amibroker - Is it King of retail trading software??

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    1) TS, MC, Ninja etc. all these softwares look way overpriced when they are compared against Amibroker. Around 1500$ vs 300$.
    2) TS, MC, Ninja etc. are not that user-friendly to scan hundreds of stocks and then trade them by forming a portfolio. Also, portfolio backtesting is clumsy and not user-friendly. On the other hand, Amibroker has always been known for its portfolio approach.
    3) Amibroker is much faster than any other competitors. Last topic "State of the art programming" under below link gives benchmarks.
    Quote from webpage:"The AFL language can process as much as 166 million data bars per second on 2GHz CPU"
    Another link:
    Quote from webpage:Blazing fast speed (Nasdaq 100 symbol back-test of simple MACD system, covering 10 years end-of-day data takes below one second)

    4) It seems historically they have always been much more advanced than competition. They had released 64 bit version in 2006, which other competitors have built in last couple of years only.
    Second last post from the bottom in this link:

    5) Amibroker has a single developer behind it. And yet he was able to roll out so many advanced features so early. The website says their software is so cheap because they save on advertising dollars, marketing staff and acquire new customers using word of mouth. And this claim does seem to be true, since Amibroker is not a big sponsor on this forum.This really impressed me

    6) I also saw 2 presentations from 2006. The presentations appeared to present a fair and balanced picture of capabilities of the software instead of sleek and misleading marketing.

    Having never used Amibroker, I am wondering if Amibroker is really the king of retail software? Is it really the underdog that performance and reliability wise is much better than other software out there? Or are there many dangers, reliability issues, quirks and limitations which plague Amibroker as well?
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    My current main concern with trading software is position sizing.

    In particular, is Amibroker doing a better job than its competition with calculating and updating the Kelly fraction? I'd love to get a good answer on that one.
  3. you need a cray or better to do realtime kelly.

    only the most billion hedge funds have that

    i love et
  4. Yeah, you fool. Or perhaps an iPhone. You really should stop embarrassing yourself like this.
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    Having used AB for 10 years what i can say is:
    AB is sort of final destination if go with it you will never look again for any other charting or analytical software.
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  6. NT doesn't have portfolio backtesting. Only basket backtesting. No portfolio trading possible.

    MC doesn't have realistic multicurrency support but only by fixed rate. So portfolio backtesting is quite a bit useless. No portfolio trading possible.

    AB supports true portfolio backtesting with realistic currency conversion. Rotational trading, ranking, ... , ... etc. And as you mentioned AB is miles faster. Also portfolio trading is possible.

    Not sure about TS.
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    The US systems always cost and then you have to have add-ons which cost, more costs for updates etc.

    Try MT5 guys and it's free. Thousands of EAs and they are free too.

    Write your own for free. Charts are free.

    The US systems are like money sucking vampire bats

    Some patriot will reply the US systems are better I expect !!
  8. Huh? What US systems? AB is European. 'Ami' doesn't mean that it comes from America but it means that the software started on Amiga computers (I think twenty years ago or more).

    So how do you do portfolio backtesting/trading, walk forward and other stuff on MT5? How do you import tick data? How do you use other symbols other than currencies? Wasn't there the problem with fixed spread on MT4?
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    Those thousands of EAs are for MT4 only (MT-FOUR!!!) and won`t work with MT5.
    That`s the reason why few only MT4 users (and EA creators) switch to MT5!!!!


    p.s. If anybody claims AMIBROKER to be the king --- name him a spammer!! We prefer to keep AB as the industry`s best kept secret.
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    Can you reference multiple symbols within one system? For example an ES system that references ZB as a trading factor.

    Edit: Asking about Amibroker
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