Amibroker: IB Advance/Decline line symbol

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    I'm trying to find out IB's symbol for the NYSE Advance/Decline line to chart it with Amibroker. Tried AD-NYSE-INDEX, AD-NYSE-IND without success.

    Would be glad if someone could let me know the symbol.
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    tip: use search field in TWS (right top corner).

    in Amibroker:

  3. hausse


    Thank you. TWS finds NYSE advance decline but I don't get any data for it, neither in TWS nor in Amibroker. Amex and Nasdaq A/D also don't work. I get data for the Tick index. Do you get A/D data from IB?
  4. TWS does not display the data, but it is available using the API. Put NYSE:$AD-NYSE as a symbol into QuoteTracker and you will see the AD line as the ratio of advancers to decliners.
  5. sogodo


    I ABOLUTELY love Amibroker, but, I should admit that Tomasz really does disservice to his own product to not responding (as a matter of fact, AT ALL) with at least draft of some working example regarding the notorious AD-NYSE-NYSE-IND issue (and similar ones), for lamers. I know for sure how many of them were so pissed off, that they totally dumped the software. The scary thing for them was the realization of the fact that they don't have any live example how to deal with similar problem(s) in the future. Majority of them is able to tweak some ready-made script, but they usually spend more time trading than writing scripts. For them, it was the clear indicator that they are totally on their own if something like this comes up in the future.

    It would take 15sec of Tomasz time to accomplish, and now it already took thousand dollars out of his own pocket. no doubt about it.

    so, don't be surprised why not so many traders use and know this actually brilliant and capable product (Amibroker).

    Also, I was not surprised that Tomasz did not continue something in the lines of PatternExplorer (cool plugin for Amibroker), and why the other plugin (initially discussed in the past), AlphOmega Elliott Wave (existing for MetaStock) never appears in Amibroker. No royalties, and no any additional cash flow generator for Tomasz, less fun for his users, and no money to support/extend the POSSIBLE team of developers (if only Tomasz believes that he is ethernal -- even Steve Jobs has a team, doh :)).

    Look, for example, at the unstable, amaterish (so far) button trading, autotrading scripts proliferating all around Amibroker right now. Ppl are desperatily trying to do something with product that it never intended to be.

    In my opinion, such things should be added on the level of inner code. Yes, it's rather difficult, critical and time consuming process. Nevertheless, many believe that Amibroker should include features of trade terminal, too. It's all about priorities.

    But it's difficult to be a single developer and marketing genius in total package procurement.

    It's much easier to be under some false (IMHO) pretense that Amibroker takes totally different niche in the market than all other products.

    At least, many active users disagree, I'm sure.

  6. RNR123


    Can you Autotrade a strategy with Amibroker and is it as easy as NT?
    I have an IB account and I would like to use a front end software that runs my strategy live.

  7. sogodo



    As for the NT, I know C# pretty good, and of course, there are some advantages using C# event-driven model, but it depends. Plus, NT has very interesting implementation of DOM.

    Amibroker is ideal for autotrading, and a lot of self-made systems are created, tested, optimized and auto-run using only this piece of software.

    As for the visual trading, inherently, Amibroker does not support it at all.
    But it does not mean it's impossible to accomplish. It has all elements to build it from scratch, by final user. Yes, you can draw support-resistance lines, and when price touches/crosses them it can trigger your scripts. You can run self-made bracket orders from the chart, too.
    The script language used in Ami is pretty trivial and still powerful at the same time. But you need to code literally everything. It is good and bad at the same time. There is a plugin for TWS in Amibroker, but it's just what it is, a plugin.

    The users of Amibroker did not spell it out loudly that they want what they really want. Also, probably, there is some concern that adding too much visualisation on the presentation layer can make that product potentially less responsive (it's amazingly fast) and more expensive. Also, Tomasz is very picky about performance and has very high standards (only all history of IB TWS support is rather ugly, even history backfill, etc.). Unfortunately, majority of really active daytraders on the budget mosly use IB, for good or for bad :)

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    Sogodo thank you for the good reply.
  9. sogodo


    You're very welcome.
    All above is just my humble opinion, and not the ultimate truth, of course. A lot of ppl could have totally adverse opinion, but I really believe in what I'm saying.

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