AmiBroker + E-signal feed = Psych Ward

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    Bought AmiBroker for not that long time ago and are already fond of it.

    Of course you have to make the duet complete with a decent real-time feed.

    Subscribed to E-signal RT feed with some different exchanges, and this is where the trouble starts.

    The thing is: AmiBroker is going completely wild on me.

    First AB seems unable to calculate the percentage values right, many times. Even thought the open and close are correct.

    And in every godamn chart there's a bunch of faulty data, is this normal from e-signal?

    Also, I'm having big trouble downloading older historydata than half a year back. Do you have to pay extra or something?

    Any other AmiBrokers out there just as furious as I am, or am I only missing out on some configurations?
  2. When you buy software from a company that provides the following contact information only:

    Contact information

    Contact us using the following e-mail addresses: (for technical support and/or sales)

    what do you expect? Do you expect something competitive?

    Next, WHOIS info on

    Walbrzyska 55/5
    Wroclaw, PL 52-314

    Janeczko, Tomasz
    Walbrzyska 55/5
    Wroclaw, PL 52-314
    +48 691 848471

    Now, I have nothing against Polish people. Good enginners and scientists they are. This guy may be doing a great job. But it looks like a one man show.

    Get something you can depend on. You get what you pay for.
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    If you contact us directly. we can get you into our application and check the data to make sure all is OK. We currently store 6 months of intraday history so unless Amibroker also provides some extended history, that sounds about right. We're only a month or so away from offering more intraday minute history as well so when you contact us, we can fill you in on those details as well.

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    No, you don`t get what you paid for: You get much, much more. Just visit the user group with hundreds of monthly postings, put your question there and meet people who used to develop with MS, TS, .... you name it, and are now loyal to AB and its developer.

    And no, its not a one-person-setup, and the worst nightmare of most users is, Tomasz to sell out to a big firm!

    But the program got a learning curve and some people are just unwilling to do more with a new prog than just opening the box and installing and waiting for the profits to arrive!



  5. I have looked at this program and it's a NO NO.... Total lack of logical design and of user interface.

    Cheap imitation of Metastock, it even has the same language format, I wonder why Equis didn't go after them. It looks like reverse engineering that started as a personal project and ended up worshiped by a herd of cheap traders.

    Number of users in this business mean the opposite that you claim given that 90% or more lose money. You walk into the office of a money management firm and instead of seeing Bloomberg or something like that you see people playing with toys like Amibroker. Are you going to invest with them?

    Now, if you are comparing TS with Amibroker, it is obvious you have no real experience in this area.
  6. AmiBroker is inexpensive (and that is good thing), but it is not the immitation of anything. AmiBroker offers features that are NOT found in any software platform such as rotational, ranking-based portfolio-level backtesting, custom backtester interface, open optimization API including smart CMA-ES, Tribes, Particle Swarm optimizers, walk forward testing, unique composite creation function and many pro-level features, that users of Tradestation or Metastock can only dream about.
    AmiBroker Formula Language is a "C"-like language that offers speed of compiled C/C++ and C-like syntax with built-in array operators making it as fast as assembly language.
    Among AmiBroker users are both Wall Street firms and individual traders. And if you are copying WhoIs records you should know that WhoIs database shows who registered the www domain and who is contact person.
    Anything can be entered there and it has nothing to do with size of company. We are small (3p), and proud of that, because it means that our customers don't pay for bureaucracy. That means that we can offer outstanding software at very attractive price.

    Tomasz Janeczko
  7. Can you pls explain what rotational and particle swarm mean?
  8. Guys,

    Don't even start bashing AB until you've given it a serious 3-6 month effort. I've used just about all of the retail trading/backtesting products available in the last 10 years. AB is by far one of, if not the best, retail products available.

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    Agreed. Started using it in 05'. Not the quickest learning curve, but if your proficient with Excel, you become proficient with AB.
  10. Just ignore this embittered clown Jimbojim. He knows nothing. Just runs his mouth off. Here's another one of his brilliant responses in another thread --


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    Who cares what this idiot, or any other idiot with a blog thinks? The market will do what it wants to do at the end and after it fools the majority of analysts. This moron uses obvious analysis and tools of the last century in his guesswork. Fading his signals is a sure way to make profits. I bet some people monitor his signals and take the opposite position.


    Here he's referring to Thomas Bulkowski, who by all rights, has contributed greatly to the science of Technical Analysis, while making enough money to retire comfortably at age 36.

    Gee, Jimbojim, what significant contributions have you made? And how much money have you been able to make trading? Silly question. Zero -- and now, as a consequence, you have to pollute the threads on Elite trader with your vitriole...
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