Amibroker daytrade self-learning parameters update

Discussion in 'Programming' started by j2ee, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. j2ee


    I am trying to build a realtime daytrade system in Amibroker, and how can it updates parameters base on realtime analysis?
  2. have you gone to the yahoo groups for amibroker and asked the question?

    did you just buy Amibroker? most times you can get these answers super quick from Tomasz or one of the other guys.
  3. I second that. It's a very strong group, with a great support from TJ.

    Don't use generic forums for things like that. Use specialized services, forums, groups, etc.
  4. j2ee


    So this is just a very simple for amibroker?
  5. That's not good English.... But yes