Amibroker and I.B.

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  1. Hi,

    To those that autotrade intraday systems with AmiBroker through I.B.:

    *Where did you get your historical data from for backtesting (Im specifically after equities)?
    *How far back does the I.B. backfill go for 1-min data?
    Did you need to use this:


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  3. says it gives you 30 days of 1-min backfills (slowly) or 180 days (excruciatingly slowly). I've used IB for 5 day bacfills in Amibroker before and that was usable with 50-100 symbols. If you will be backfilling a lot of symbols, or backfilling longer periods using IB, it may take some time.
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    kind to share how to syn IB feeding into AMI brokers for real time ? anyone heard of EXPERT charting software ?