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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to this community and I`m currently trying to find a solution for a programming question.

    I just made an Alert that is detecting crossover with the 'signal' line. My problem is that I want to add another condition to trigger a buy signal. This condition is a crossover of the DMI- with the DMI+ line. The biggest problem is that I want a windows of time say like 8 days so if condition 1 (MACD) and 2(DMI) happen that will trigger a buy signal.

    Also, I wanted to know if it was possible to make a sell signal if DMI is losing momentum. Here is a scenario to explain a little but more what I mean. If the DMI retrace down to 10% that will trigger a sell signal.

    Here my MACD crossover detection :

    #pragma nocache
    #include_once "D:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom\Indicator for Alert\"

    Buy = Cross( ZeroLagMACD, ZeroLagTRIG );
    Buytext = "Good time to buy";

    Sell = Cross( ZeroLagTRIG, ZeroLagMACD );
    SellText = "Good time to sell";

    Also I wanted to know if it was possible to mix my historical database with backfill or intraday data ?

    Thanks for your help !
  2. So this post got viewed more than 60 times but no one is willing to give me an hint? Is amibroker still used by traders or it's too old? Does myrequest is possible or I'm asking way to much for this software?
  3. No reason to act like a diva. Just because no one has answered your questions so far doesn't mean no one uses Amibroker. I'm using it and your question about whether it is too old must be a big f+cking joke.

    I for one don't have the time currently to look at your code problem. Maybe there is someone else.

    To answer your last question, yes, it is possible to mix data, depends on what data you want to mix. If you want to mix data of IBM with data of Microsoft, that wouldn't make much sense, right? If you want to mix EOD data with intraday data of the same ticker it is possible (just additionally click "mix eod/intraday data" in data base settings intraday settings). If you want to add historical intraday data to real-time feed it is possible. Why not?
  4. Thanks for your reply ! Sorry if my last post sounded like I was a diva I was just trying to make people react and revive my post. So by your post I assume I can mix intraday data with EOD for the same symbol without any problem if I enable the correct option. This will not break my database and amibroker will be able to detect the difference between the timing, right ?

    For my programming problem could I get an hint about what function to use to define a timeframe when my multiple indicator will be valid ?

    Thanks !
  5. I just found a sample code and I modified the original so it will better fit my needs.

    here you go