AmiBroker AFL coder wanted

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by opm8, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Anyone have a good reference? I have some stuff I'd like coded. Thanks.

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  3. opium, this guy is the best ,the best! ues graham , alis caveman he knows his stuff (AFL Amibroker programers language ) !! and very resonably priced too ! jake
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    Well, he may be the best but unfortunately he doesn't respond to emails.

    Anyone else out there?
  5. give him some time he is from down under big time dif as you know .. believe he is the best .and a nice guy whos worth the wait ..I had him twice write code for me .. jake
  6. Do a quick google search for +amibroker +custom +programming

    You will find a number of programmers.
  7. I agree, same experience as Jake. I think hes busy lately though, hasnt gotten back to me in about a 2 months.
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    Just a followup here. This Graham guy turned out to be a complete waste of time. Doesn't answer emails, then zero communication while the coding project is under way, all 8 weeks of it. Two months later it became clear he hadn't even started the work we agreed on. I canceled several weeks after the due date. Thanks, Graham!

  9. There is another guy I could tell you but with your attitude, you should probably figure out the stuff yourself.
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    Dude, what the hell?

    I agreed on a timeline with this guy, which he then blew out and didn't bother telling me during the course of 8 weeks that he wasn't able to compete the work that he agreed to. It was tough getting ahold of him, and finally weeks after the deadline I find out he didn't do a thing. But yeah, I can see how I'm the jerk here.
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