AMGN and Bio-Techs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by David nassar, Feb 23, 2002.

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    david -

    nice call on AMGN - i made a few off it - thx
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  2. Glad to hear that! here is an update. This trade worked well. See attachment. traders can expect resistance at 58.95 or so. Take profits before then.

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    David -

    a sent you an e-mail re: your school - was wondering if you received it - i was looking for a recommendation on which course to take from your school - thx
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  4. I can personally say that the 4 day EDAT course is an excellent overall course on Direct Access trading and includes a significant amount of information on all components of trading, eg execution, T/A, strategies, etc.

    As far as the T/A course goes, Brian Shannon, whom I know personally, is one of the most knowledgeable and successful traders I have ever met and is also a great instructor. And I know for a fact that 95% of his time is spent actually trading for those who will predictably-but understandably- question a successful trader who also trains. You might try subscribing to the WiseGuide for their free trial for a sense of Brian's style etc.

    THe options course....well no one needs to say anything about Larry as his name speaks for itself.

    Regarding the futures course...its relatively new I believe but considering the growing use of Naz and S&P mini's etc as well as impending roll out of SSF's, likely a good choice as well.

    Better go for the Platinum package!
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    DAT -

    thx for the info. I think I'll just post my situation here, and see what answers I get.

    I have been trading for over 5 years, but up until recently, was just a tape (Level 2) watcher. Since decimalization and the general market decline, watching a level 2 screen for entry/exit yields basically nothing more than chasing stocks and generating losers (imo). SO - I'm looking for something new. I have moderate knowledge of technical analysis, but have never really applied it to short term trading, which is the style I'm most accustomed to. (no positions by eod)

    The 2 day tech analysis course looks good, but I would like David's style as well - and I think he only teachs in the 4 day course. I'm just wondering how much I'd get out of the 4-day course since I'm fairly knowledgeable about the basics already, and I'm a realtick user.

    So - please fire away with your comments - and thanks in advance.

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  6. See my last post before this and view the attachment. As expected, AMGN is running into resistance, hence time to cover the longs today. I'll be back tomorrow or later tonight with tomorrows analysis. I hope this stuff helps...


    PS The next post will show my day trades today.
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  7. Today's daytrades. They are in .doc format since I couldn't get all the orders on one page. They are time stamped eastern thanks to MarkCohen's advise setting up the RealTick OES corectly. Thanks Mark.


    I post these trades since I like to teach by doing. I feel if an idea is to be passed on, the person passing it on should lead by example. I trade big stocks w/ big volume on a techncal basis that we teach in the school, and several people have asked me to post my I have been doing just that. I post all anfd losers.

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  8. mbg

    I don't think the 4 day course is for you. I don't want anyone taking a course they don't need, and while I am sure you would benefit from the 4-day, it is most likely too basic for your experience level. Regarding the T/A course. You let us know when you are coming (if you decide to ) and I will be glad to contribute to the course after the close. We usually teach weekends so we have as little impact on our trading as possible, but either way, give me an e-mail ahead of time so I can plan, and I will be there. Better yet, stay a few days and trade on the TerraNova trading floor w/ your RealTick and experience all of us during live trading (Me, Kevin, Brian, Ed). You come, you learn, you trade, we trade...that's how we do it.

    By the way, this is why we refuse to take the "show on the road". We don't think its a show. Its hard core trading tactics that can't be duplicated (environment and multiple professionals) in a hotel ballroom! We have a trading/training center that justifies the travel. I don't mean to take shots at any firms, but I simple don't feel true education is transferred "On-Tour", so we just won't compromise the quality of our education by participating in a road show. I realize your questions were not on this particular vein, but once I got started writing I went off in this direction since the question comes up so often. Hope to see you in Denver. I'm sure many ET participants would welcome your objective view if you do decide.
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    David -

    with a response liek that, I can't refuse! I'll be on the web chat this Thursday, and I'll check the schedule to see what I can do.

    Much appreciate the response!

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    Hey Dave wondered why you never returned My phone call the 5 x I left a message?
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