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    Paris, 18 August 2011
    The AMF adjusts its position regarding the rolling forward of net short positions taken before the
    publication of its Decision of 11 August 2011
    Given the existing practical difficulties and time constraints, the AMF has adjusted the position it had
    established before today’s press release with regard to the implementation of the ban on the taking of net
    short positions in relation to pre-existing positions built through expiring derivatives. As a result thereof, the
    AMF admits that investors holding a net short position in relation to one of the securities concerned
    through expiring derivatives are allowed to roll forward their position, even if such a rolling results in the
    creation of a net short position with a further expiry date, provided that the net short position so created
    does not exceed the one held previously.
    Point 3 of the Frequently Asked Questions as published on the AMF website was adjusted accordingly.