AMEX is crooked..

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  1. Damn, I had JST at 18.25 stop. It opened and killed my stop and then proceeded to jump $1 in less than 5 seconds. god damn it..
  2. Yes, it's a brutal exchange...that being said, there are a lot of AMEX stocks that should be on the OTC that are shortable because they're on the AMEX. I have to say that's a big plus in my book.

    Sorry to hear you got's not that far off from the NYSE and NAZ...just scams by a different name probably. :)
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    Man lands on moon.
  4. too bad
  5. You should NEVER enter a stop order. You might as well hang a KICK ME sign on your butt.
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    Agreed, try using ARCA limit stop orders so the specialists can't see them.
  7. The good news is that if they play "Run the stops" at the open, a high percentage of times that means they are going to take it up from there.

    They just needed some shares to sell. That's why they ran the stops.

    Laying yourself out on the tracks is not a good way to get rich quick.
  8. every time a specialist brings a stock down to hit a stop, that means you could have had a limit order to ENTER long at that point, and other people may.

    so, imo, it all evens out

    one persons shake or stop run is anothers perfect sweetspot entry

    if its so predictable that they will do this stuff, then set your ENTRIES where they will shake it to
  9. I think you are being too kind. They run stops in order to cover shorts they initiate, and screw you out of a profit.
  10. yeah, resting stops are for woozies.

    manage it by hand or take the porking like a man.

    If i wuz them, I'd rip you a new one too.
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