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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by catima, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. catima


    Does anyone know if there is a company out there that provides flat amex fees (preferably under 2$ per 1000) and non-refreshing amex for ETFs ? I trade ETFs a lot and I notice that while quite a few people refresh their orders, theres a large number of traders that do not, and its becoming quite a pain in the butt to get a decent fill.

    I've been looking around and I've heard of a few names thrown around, like Needles (spelling?) , but I was wondering if anyone out there can provide me with alternatives.
  2. Just send them to a regional(chx trades about 80-90% of the amex stocks) or if it is an ETF send to regional and/or NYSE. You got 5 mintues in NY and don't have to worry about the exchange fees or any other fees that the amex has.


  3. catima


    I did use to send them to regionals (bosx, chx), and I do use NYSE as well (its nice and cheap) however I get billed .005 for regionals and NYSE doesn't fill as well as amex (at least on the ETFs I trade)

    Appreciate the suggestion tho :)
  4. Brut is free, use them then. Arca pays you on amex.