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  1. "I stand vindicated. All those who claimed I fabricated the images now owe me an apology. All those who claimed these were "fantasy" coins can now explain why anyone in their right mind would spend Millions of dollars to create the rare and expensive professional dies and plates necessary for minting coins that will not be issued?"

    In order to harvest hundreds of millions from those "savy investors".

    Fear... same game, different players.
  2. Yeah, I think I will side with Steve Previs from Jeffries International on the topic. His view is not from fear but from profit.
  3. I think Mr. Previs has a good understanding of both fear and profit. We, as speculators, should take note.

    I'm not slighting Steve's assertions, nor yours for that matter.

    I'm just viewing this from all the angles, like I do everything.
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  5. This may be a good time to get into Yen. :eek:
  6. So let me guess, you think that it's not gonna happen because it's an absurd idea.

    Just like the Euro and the EU. Which, btw, was rejected by the people of Denmark & Germany, as well as a few other countries. As if their decisions matter anyway.
  7. On that Halturnershow link I don't see the advantages/disadvantages of implementing the Amero.

    Personally, I don't want our CAD tied with the USD.
  8. If and when the Amero becomes the currency of North America, it won't be because of "advantages" to U.S. citizens.

    It will be to the advantage of the US Gummint to paper over past financial misdeeds.
  9. LOL you still that gullible?

    They are far from financial misdeeds, maybe if you get off your rhetoric for a minute, you will see how & why.
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