Ameritrade Streamer, is it buggy?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stock777, May 4, 2006.

  1. Just opened an Ameritrade account and in loading up the streamer and some otther related windows, its crashing my system, which is otherwise stable.

    Are there some known problems with that app (its java based , and I'm using firefox)
  2. StreamlineTrade

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    Try using Internet Explorer instead.

    You may also want to go to and update the virtual machine with the latest download - sometimes it can corrupt i am told.

    This all takes about 10 min.

    (dont forget to remove the old one first. control panel-......)
  3. Milles


    Call them they have tech help will walk you through .
  4. Ameritrade Streamer..... ehh, My second brokerage was, and still is with them. I do have an account with them still. Streamer is okay. The charts suck in my opinion.

    I have never had a problem with streamer though.

    It seems okay, I just never have traded with them because of the commissions.
  5. stock777,

    Why don't you use QuoteTracker with the Ameritrade account instead? (
    It connects to the same datafeeds, but its a native Windows application- you don't need to use Java, or even open a browser. The integrated trading through QT is far better than through Streamer or Command center and you get more out of the datafeed than you can via the Java applets. For example:
    * QT lets you get max 80 symbols at a time vs 40
    * Unlimited # of Level II windows
    * consolidate ECN Book with NASDAQ Level II (consolidation not available int he Java applets)
    * Switching servers with a single click for quotes or trading (not possible via Java applets)
    and of course you would get all the other features in QT.
  6. Already do Jerry, for quite some time.

    I was just looking at the Streamer for some features you may not incorporate.