Ameritrade question on "Trade Triggers"

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  1. MRWSM


    I saw the demo and it did not answer my questions on it. Here's the questions I have on it.

    First of all, where the heck is the Trade Trigger section to even use it? It's not in the rapid order entry page and not on the stock trading page.

    They say you can put up to 40 trade triggers. My question is can you set 2 triggers to exit the same position with different conditions?
  2. dac8555


    i use the same tool. The trade triggers is in the TRADE drop down box at the bottom.

    It is really helpful for me becuse i can program everything and just walk away. no it.

    You can program the trade triggers to do what you are asking. Which is nice becuse when you set your dont have as much flexibility.

    If you are really active, i dont think ameritrade is your best option (you probably already know that). But i use a swing system very similar to canslim, and then do my money management with the trade triggers (adding to positions automatically if they advance, and exit if i am wrong) it is great for my use. I have about 10 trades max per month maybe.
  3. It is on your home page under the "Trade" tab. If it is not there then maybe you have to go to Account => Profile & Preferences and enable it if it is disabled.
  4. MRWSM


    My Trade tab has the following: Stocks, Options Mutual Funds, Order Status, Saved Orders. That's all, no trade triggers.

    I went to preferences and it doesn't have anything on trade triggers it has the following: Express Trading enabled (change), Margin Tradin enabled (change), Option Trading Long (change), Trade Confirmation Electronic (change), Statements Electronic (change), News & Benefits Email (change), courtesy Fill Notification disabled (change), Luanch Streamer Suite disabled (change), SnapTicket size minimized (change).

    Do you guys have Izone or regular Ameritrade? I have Izone.
  5. I have regular Ameritrade. I don't even know what Izone is. Maybe it doesn't offer trade triggers. I guess you should call them. What is Izone for, anyways?
  6. MRWSM


    Ameritrade Izone is the same as Ameritrade broker but another division. They show it as if they offer trade triggers and I even went through the demo. Maybe it's only offered in regular Ameritrade.
  7. GTC


    I think there are six different ways to place trades at Ameritrade. You can use different conditions for trade triggers with respect to the same or different securities without adversely affecting your buying power. AmeritradeIzone did not include TradeTriggers as of last month. Izone does not advertise Trade Triggers in its web site. Ameritrade does.
  8. MRWSM


    Thanks, that answers my question. I guess Izone is either screwed up showing me a trade trigger demo and info on it, or they plan on implimenting it in the future.
  9. zdreg


    is it still true that you cannot place a market or limit order for opening only at ameritrade
  10. Ameritrade Apex has Trade Triggers. Also, i dont see any way of placing Market on Open or Limit on Open through Ameritrade Apex. Although the Supermontage route (NASDAQ) is available, there is no "OPEN ONLY" qualifier anywhere.
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