Ameritrade lying?

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  1. Crims at benzinga just pimped a penny stock up 40%, 10 minutes after the move started.

    Funny how that almost NEVER get the moves early. 19c , lets see where it goes
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  2. Wierd, as soon as they mention these they stop moving up. hmmmmm. like someone selling into the pimp. hmmmmm , wonder who
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  3. More documented idiocy from the moron

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  4. that moron just abandons the room whenever the market is moving

    ameritrade needs to fire those idiots
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  5. KeLo


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  6. Hmmmm. So what is it we should call stupid people?

    Or are you a liberal snowflake that thinks there is no such thing?
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  7. KeLo



    Did you lose money today? Is that why you are so angry?

    Me a "snowflake"... RoFL

    You have no idea who I am.

    BTW, Paul Krugman is a total Progressive "name caller." So you and Paul share that "name calling" characteristic. (read the article)

    IMO people who need to call others "idiots" or "morons" just demonstrate their own low self-esteem.

    I have put you on "Ignore."
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  8. Ditto on the ignore.

    "You have no idea who I am." , lol better yet, who cares?
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  9. Mentioned the news earlier. Then waits until a HUGE pop to call it again. WFT is that

    how much would you pay a squawk idiot like that ?

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  10. That one ZN actually kept going, but thats not the point , 99% of them dont
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