Ameritrade lying?

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  1. vanzandt


    I had to log back in after reading this one before I bolted outta here....
    If what you say is true...That kinda BS is ripe for the picking.
    Thanks for the tip. :sneaky:
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  2. What's amazing is, when Charlie, who is bad enough, is on the bowl, they have some complete bumbler sub for him. Sounds like he's 13 years old, and has for years.

    They NEVER break news. They are ALWAYS behind the move, and you're chasing.
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  3. You'd think so, but the room is basically monitored by a few pikers and maybe some traders who never post there. I'm not sure how much they actually trade in the market vs total volume, quite small I'd think.

    Warning is mostly for defensive purposes.
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  4. proof of idiot, see that arrow, thats where charlie mentions the shares

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  5. Tell me this guy isn't a jackass.

    TGT RIPPED from 57.80 to 58.60 on a rampage eod today. 15 minutes straight buying. And it was going up a total of 1.50 + since 1pm

    That idiot at benzinga mentioned it , guess where. Thats right, at the top on the move. Not a peep before

    Only a deliberate con would do that. And he had nothing else on the plate. Silent until then

    I give him some credit, he did nail the top, except thats not what he was trying to do
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  6. Cant make shit like this up

    futures bounced 10 large off the missile low , and the idiot finally says 's&p futures are popping'

    some folks just born stupid
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    And look who is still listening to him after a month and a half. Oops, did I say that out loud?
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  8. Tell you what. There's a few reasons I listen, but I let you figure it out. I bank very nicely.

    Today, the miscreant reports the CVS AET headline a full 3 minutes after the fact.

    They pay them for this
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  9. PS for a punk with 22 posts, you have a big mouth
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  10. The imbecile dissapears for an hour and a half then returns at 3:59
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