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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by mialex, May 24, 2005.

  1. mialex


    I am posting hoping to hear from other Izone users.

    I had a terrible experience with Ameritrade Izone today.

    I placed a buy order for stock using the Snap Ticket on the Izone site.

    The snap ticket and the Level II windows abnormally closed after I hit the Place Order ticket, and the site navigation stopped responding. I used the back and forward buttons in the site to navigate until I decided to logout.

    When I finally got the site to work (after logging out one additional time) I discovered that navigating the site, using the back and forward browser buttons had placed 2 additional orders without any other input from my part.

    Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem?
  2. it's call web based trading. but that's how it is.

    i did that once back in 1999-2000 w/etrade. that bs website was very slow & and i thought my order was canelled. i put in another sell order. so i sold it twice. and bot that same stock back 5 points higher.

    you can't compliant about it, b/c you signed the agreement.
  3. mialex


    I was able to duplicate the malfunctioning of the Izone website.

    The problem happens when using the browser to visit a site to read email and use html chat, and then going to the Izone website.

    When I presented Ameritrade with the fact that the problem could be duplicated, they proceeded to revert the trades that had taken place due to their website malfunction.

    My luck is such, that after they reverted the transactions, one of the stocks (ABLE) went up $2.83 from where I had bought it :mad:.

    In any case I am pleased that I could help in identifying a problem with the trading site and because they were fair.