Ameritrade Frozen Quotes/data-2nd Day In A Row

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by dsq, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. dsq


    I have been completely frozen out since 9 54 am...yesterday my quotes were freezing up for a minute at a it just shut down totaslly...anybody else having probs with ameritrade/izone...fuggg,i missed shorting axp,t
  2. Retired


    Same thing here. :mad:
  3. dsq


    i sent them a bunch of nasty emails...this is outrageous i have noticed their screwed up quotes in the past but this last week has been bad...i traded yesterday even tho it was like driving blinfolded ...
  4. ssss


    quote for iwm and +diwbq full corelated between AMTD and OXPS today at 10.30

    your respectfully
  5. samus


    my bad for not having a backup quote provider...

    if anything, this has prompted a much needed review of my backup plan.

    ... now I'm off to look for a b/u quote server.
  6. dsq


    btw,what good is a b/u quote server if you cant place trades with td?I know they can be placed maybe even with frozen quotes but the execution at what price???

    This is td's is response to me yesterday when their quotes were screwing up:

    Thank you for your email. We have been notified that Level II quotes issue has been resolved. Please let us know if you are experiencing other issues.


    Client Services
    Ameritrade Izone
    Division of Ameritrade, Inc
  7. I learned the hard way a long time ago not to have an active trading account at one of the larger brokers that does not "cater" to active investors. By active, I don't mean a few trades a week or month, I mean numerous trades throughout the course of the day. Some of the smaller firms that don't heavily advertise can give you a better deal with executions/commissions/reliability.
  8. But you're only paying 10 bucks. You guys want everything.

    Now feed the pidgeon, and send him off w/ your order.
  9. dsq


    5 bucks thru izone:D

    i give them between 700-1000 a month or about 10k a yes i expect excellent quote service...thats not much to ask for considering what they are getting from me.
  10. Even their streamer is not working
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