America's Two Classes

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  1. 1. Those who work for a living.

    2. Those who VOTE for a living.

    The Founders are spinning in their graves.

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  4. Okay...I rephrase that.

    The informed voter.

    Voting for Barry becasue he is black.


    Yea yea yea I know....being informed that Barry is black is the epitome of informed.
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  6. This is not so terribly far from the truth.

    A producer will keep producing no matter the obstacles. The current political climate be damned they will get through it. A hard worker or motivated worker has that ingrained in them.

    Whereas a non-producer (by choice, not current unemployment) has nothing but the power of government programs.
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    Perhaps we have three:

    The robot owners (share of growing economic pie = growing; share of contribution to productivity growth = small)
    The servicers of robots and robot owners (share of growing economic pie = stagnant; share of contribution to productivity growth = large)
    The economically irrelevant (share of growing economic pie = falling; share of contribution to productivity growth = N/A)
  8. Heck yeah!! What did old Karl Marx himself have to say about that? "The guy with the machines makes the money" [that's not a direct quote but it's what I took away from Marx's writings]. These philosophers are right on the money in my book!
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    I guess it wasn't clear I was referring to Ricter not the OP.
  10. is this meter thing going to be a new internet meem? i'm just getting over the harlem shake.
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